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Who we are and what our mission is:

Wisconsin GrandSons of Liberty

We, the Wisconsin GrandSons of Liberty, arenon-partisan and all-inclusive. We welcome everyone who believes that the Constitution is the ultimate Law of the Land and that the federal government must live within the limits defined in the Constitution. We support no particular political party but we are supportive of candidates who possess honesty and integrity and that are motivated by public service and not public power and prestige.


We draw our membership from many walks of life, and we welcome diversity. Although our name implies a limitation to male membership, we have many proud female members for we do not just believe in but deliberately practice equality and not political correctness. We enjoy and encourage spirited, enthusiastic debate of political and social issues.


We consider the education of ourselves and the public as our pre-eminent strategy for achieving our goals as defined in our Mission Statement. Then we work to organize in order to have the means to reach those goals. Finally, we are activists to achieve our goals, turning knowledge into action, retaking our government by the methods that the Founder’s created for us, from the special interests and the “non-representing representatives” that have disgraced themselves


We host events, sponsor seminars and conferences, and invite speakers to our meetings. We publish blogs and literature to disseminate information. We network with other Liberty groups and support each other’s events and our common cause. We aggressively correspond with our elected officials and representatives to communicate our concerns and to clarify their positions. We work to vet candidates and support those who truly are representative of we the people.


We are ACTIVE in defense of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We actively engage in our government as a means of protecting and preserving our Constitution which defines our federal government. We actively exercise our constitutional rights as a means of protecting and preserving our Bill of Rights which define those limitations of the power of our federal government over our lives.


We acknowledge that as citizens of a constitutional, representative Republic we bear responsibilities that are inseparable from our constitutional rights. We gladly accept the duties that we citizens bear for the restoration, continuation, and preservation of the American Republic. We consider it our greatest personal honor to be citizens of the most extraordinary Republic in human history and a privilege to work to improve our nation.

And our mission statement is:

We strongly believe that these United States are suffering from excessive, overbearing, out-of-control government at all levels, intolerable taxation (without real representation), asinine political correctness that stifles the public discourse and crushes personal excellence, and a disastrous decline into the nightmare of socialism that would physically sicken our founding forefathers. We aggressively work to create awareness and promote discussion of the causes of our nation’s problems and the potential solutions. We engage politically to effect the changes that concur with our extraordinary Constitution.


The Goals of the Wisconsin GrandSons of Liberty are the promotion of:


1)     Restoration of the republic to the form defined in the Articles of the Constitution. Repeal of any and all laws, regulations, executive orders, resolutions, and ordinances that conflict with the Constitution or are based on powers not enumerated in the Constitution. Removal and elimination of any and all programs, departments, bureaus, and agencies for which there is no constitutional allowance. Barring passage of any legislation that is “repugnant to the Constitution.”


2)     Reassertion of the preeminence of the sovereignty of the States over the federal government as stipulated by the 10th Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Devolving decision making to the lowest possible level of government to accurately reflect the will of “We the People”.


3)     Achieving total transparency and accountability in all levels of government – the people should have the ability to read and comment on all bills before a legislative body votes on the bill. Elimination of all earmarks and bill amendments – if the idea is worthwhile, it should be worthy of its own bill. Requirement by law that all government officials at all levels are to be subject to the same laws that are passed by those legislative bodies.


4)     Demolishing the growing, socialist “nanny state” and its programs and legislation, reinstituting personal responsibility and the traditional values of work, merit, integrity, honesty, innovation, accountability, civic participation and civility.


5)      Correcting the perspective of the Supreme Court to a centrist, originalist interpretation of the Constitution that terminates the power expanding, flip-flopping, judicial activism associated with the view of the Constitution as a “living document” which complies with international and foreign law. Reaffirmation that the first and foremost obligation of the Supreme Court is to protect the people’s and the states’ constitutional rights by restricting the scope and power of the federal government, thus protecting the lives, liberty and property of the American people.


The Wisconsin GrandSons of Liberty are answering the call of History that, in the prophetic words of Thomas Paine, “it is the duty of every Patriot to protect his country from its government”……if these goals strike a chord with you, we invite you to join or work with us.