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UPDATED:  Open Meeting - Wednesday, June 4th

Open meeting  June 4th, 2014
          6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
          Hales Corners Village Hall
           5635 S New Berlin Rd
           Hales Corners, WI  53132

Speaker Aaron Rodriguez    

Aaron Rodrguez, The Hispanic Conservative reporter, will discuss the John Weishan investigation and current update and will also enlighten us on immigration and Latino concerns for the area and getting them to participate positively on conservative issues.

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   Past event------Open Meeting:
   Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson
                  Sunday  February 9, 2014
                                    3:30 PM   to  5:00 PM
                   Hales Corners Village Hall
            Past event  2013

Two evening Economics Seminar
August 20th and 21st     6:00 to 9:00  PM    each evening
at  Hales Corners Village Center
       5635 S New Berlin Rd
       Hales Corners    WI

     Presented by Loren Spivack,  of North Carolina

Economics is boring to many people because they think it's about numbers that are manipulated and made to say what the presenter wants them to say.  How would you like to hear economics and dealing with today's real problems in a humorous way that makes you laugh as you discover how simple economics can be?  If you think that is not possible, then you have never heard Loren Spivack speak.  One of Loren's seminar attendees from Charlotte, NC, said "Wow!  I always thought economics was like voodoo but Loren made it clear, simple and fun!"
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