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        Our 2011-2012 Wisconsin Legislator        Score Card 

    We are in the process of developing a tool which can by used to rank your legislators based on their introduction and support of legislation as it relates to constitutional values.  The tool also calculates opposition to legislation that we feel would be against  constitutional values.  As more legislation is added the ranks will become more accurate.

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Wisconsin 2011-2012 legislative Cycle
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              Wisconsin Grandsons of Liberty                 2013-2014 Legislative Agenda


1.    HEALTHCARE FREEDOM AMENDMENT.  This bill provides
Wisconsin residents a guaranteed ability to exercise freedom in
choice in their healthcare decisions.  Wisconsinites have a
right to purchase ANY healthcare insurance they want, or sign
up for ANY government program for which they qualify or they
can choose to self-insure by directly paying the provider of
their choice.  At its essence, it prevents the government from
forcing anyone into a specific type of medical care plan.

2.    COMPREHENSIVE ELECTION REFORM.  Targeted reforms to
same-day registration, overseas military votes, verifying
residents prior to voting, vote collection and practices, and
numerous others to reduce the potential for voter fraud and
enhance voter participation. Our opinion is that more people
would participate in the elections process if there were
assurances of election integrity.

Unelected Boards in Wisconsin that have taxing authority and
are not accountable to anyone.  This includes boards like MMSD,
MATC, the GAB, and the Stadium Board.  This bill provides a
mechanism for citizens to hold these boards accountable for
their actions.

4.    EMINENET DOMAIN.  Private Property ownership is a
hallmark of the American experience.  This bill clarifies
questionable definitions and closes loopholes that allowed
communities to take private property for "public good" uses
like business development projects instead of limiting its
employment to "public use" projects likes schools, parks or
roads.  While it limits a communities ability to speculate with
other people's property, it does not prohibit communities from
properly using Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) Districts to
promote private investment.