​​Are you aware of the difference in Wisconsin Gun Free School Zone law and the Federal law?  They do not match, and if you follow the Federal law, you will be committing a felony because of this difference. It needs to be fixed.

People should be aware there is a bill to fix this. But, it's being opposed by school groups and anti-constitutional rights liberals who don't want Wisconsin law to be in alignment with Federal law on this issue. This is what the anti-gun crowd is doing in the Waukesha school district. We need people to attend school board meetings and contact their board members so a supportive voice is heard, and to make sure that our constitutional rights are being supported.

This is an actual call to action by this group and it is happening all across the state. Concerned citizens need to use these same tactics to counter this opposition to our constitutional rights and the attempt to block Wisconsin law from mirroring the Federal Gun Free School Zone law.

Example of an Anti Gun call to action:
Who: - No Guns In Schools Task Force -
What: Waukesha School Board Meeting
When: Wed, march 8th, 7p-8p
Where: 222 Maple Ave., Waukesha, Wi 53186

The Waukesha "No Guns in Schools" task force will stand before the Waukesha School Board on March,8, at 7pm, to convince the board to pass a resolution opposing any state legislation that would allow persons with a concealed and carry permit to bring a gun onto school property. The team is prepared to deliver sample resolutions, gun safety information, and petitions.

They will speak to the Board during the "Opportunity for citizens to speak" portion of the meeting, which occurs near the beginning of the meeting. Then Board listens but does not ask questions at that time. If you choose, you can also make remarks. To do so, you must sign up to speak when you enter the meeting. But most of all they need our presence as a show of support on this issue.

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 Contact: larryg@wisconsingrandsonsofliberty.com                                                                                                             phone: 414-465-8683

(Franklin, WI)  Jan 25- Wisconsin GrandSons of Liberty supports LRB-1662 and the legislators who are authoring and sponsoring this bipartisan reform of Wisconsin's Civil Asset Forfeiture laws. This simple proposal protects innocent Wisconsinites from losing their property to the government if first, they are not convicted of a crime. Ultimately, the legislators supporting this proposal are protecting the Constitutional Rights of the innocent. Who is against protecting the Constitutional Rights of every Wisconsinite and Americans visiting our great state?       


Check out the letter of 11 October 2011 from the GAB stating "no probable cause...".

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      Open Meeting:  Coming soon  Tuesday evening May 9th   From 6:00 to 7:30 PM

Guest Speaker Sen. Dave Craig

Senator David Craig will give an update on several bills moving through the legislative process including: The “Right to Carry” legislation which allows the permitless carry of a concealed weapon, Civil Asset Forfeiture reform to restore due process rights to innocent individuals, the reform of the Minimum Markup Law, Article V balanced budget amendment, and parts of the state budget which the GrandSons should know about. He will be happy to answer questions pertaining to those items and other topics of interest to the group regarding state government.

Hales Corners Village Hall

5635 S New Berlin Rd

Hales Corners, WI    53130


              Special event: Save the date

               Sunday May 21st  from 3:00 to 4:30 PM 

              Guest Speaker is
Sen. Ron Johnson

   ​              Root River Center  /Swagger
               7220 W Rawson Avenue
               Franklin, WI  53132  




Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

In this legislative cycle, we will be focusing on :

   Article Five Convention

   Civil Asset Forfeiture

   Campus Speech Codes and 1st Amendment Rights

   Eminent Domain Law Reform in Wisconsin

   Minimum Markup Law Reform in Wisconsin

   Non-elected Board Accountability


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