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                          Gov. Walker Should Approve the Kenosha Casino


Franklin – Wisconsin GrandSons of Liberty calls on Governor Walker to approve the Kenosha Casino on the grounds that failing to do so permits a monopoly by one casino operator in southeastern Wisconsin.

The Menomonee Indian’s proposed hotel, casino, and entertainment venue would surpass the total number of jobs already in place at the areas sole downtown Milwaukee casino plus it offers another world class entertainment destination for the area.  Southeastern Wisconsin already has many warm weather venues with county fairs, Summerfest, cultural festivals, and the like.  This Menomonee Casino promises to add a year round aspect to the great variety of entertainment options for the southeastern Wisconsin area.

In the spirit of anti-monopolistic competition and in the quest to create more job opportunities in Wisconsin, Governor Walker should approve the proposed casino which already gathered immense community support as plainly demonstrated by the public referendum approved by the Kenosha area voters.

Gov. Walker, it is time to unleash healthy competition in southeast Wisconsin’s casino entertainment industry.  

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